Why Supplementary School?

I remember the first time I thought about sending my daughter to a Supplementary School. Thoughts kept running through my mind – but she’s so young, she’s only going into JK, and how will she be able to adjust to a full day of school plus more on the weekend. But, as my mind become clearer, I thought to myself….why? Because it’s a part of her Jewish Journey. As was it mine. One thing that I wish was in place while I was looking for a school, was my current role now. I needed help finding a school for my daughter. To be honest, I only thought that 2 schools existed in my area to choose from, when there were in fact over 10.  Now, I help families connect to their next educational experience, including enrolling children in a Supplementary Hebrew School.  When looking for a school, here are some questions to ask:

  1. What makes your school an excellent Supplementary School program?
  2. What is the educational philosophy of your school?
  3. What Jewish concepts and values will my child be exposed to in your program?
  4. How does your school view diversity in Jewish practices among its families?
  5. How are parents involved in the school?
  6. How will we communicate about my child’s development?

If you’re looking for help along your journey, feel free to connect with me anytime. Email: slev@ujafed.org or Phone: 416-635-2883 x5136

“There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.”


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