About Us

The Julia and Henry Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education, UJA Federation's educational pillar, is dedicated to strengthening, enriching and promoting the quality of Jewish education in our schools.


The Koschitzky Centre serves more than 70 day schools and supplementary programs, 1,500 educators and 16,000 students across the GTA.


Our Mission

The Julia and Henry Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education, UJA Federation's educational pillar, strengthens the Jewish Community and ensures its continuity by providing leadership and supporting a sustainable system of quality Jewish programs.



We believe that every Jew should have a youth and young adulthood filled with multiple, high impact Jewish experiences.


About Our Work

To achieve this vision, the Koschitzky Centre engages in three kinds of work:

  1. Organizational Capacity Building:  Working with Jewish educational institutions - day and supplementary schools, camps, synagogues and others to expand their capacity, reach, and impact

  1. Fostering Life-long Jewish Journeys:

  2. Resource Development:  Through UJA’s annual campaign and other fundraising initiatives, ensuring that our community’s educational infrastructure has the resources necessary to thrive.


Koschitzky Centre For Jewish Education Commitee

Laurie Davis, Chair

Sarena Koschitzky, Vice-Chair

David Dulberg

Steve Frenkiel

Ira Marder

Gilbert Palter

Robert Palter

Craig Rimer

Randy Shiff

Moshe Sigler

Jeffrey Silver

Harold J. Wolfe

Jewish Identity Committee

Michael Davis, Chair

Steven Cohen

Bernie Groper

Carolyn Kolers

Ben Mogil

Elisa Palter

Jeremy Pertman



Ilana Aisen- Director, Center for Jewish Identity

Annette Davis - Executive Assistant

Dvora Goodman - Supplementary Education Consultant

Daniel Held - Executive Director

Aron Katz - Coordinator, Teen Philanthropy

Alana Kayfetz, Director - Genesis - UJA’s Centre for Jewish Innovation

Evan Mazin - Director, Educational Finance

Ricci Postan - Manager, Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping

Atara Rosenberg - Administrative Assistant

Ed Segalowitz - Director (Special Projects)

Natalie Walden - Coordinator, Supplementary Education


Silber Family Center For Jewish Camping Commitee

Henry Morton, Chair

Phil Ber

Adam Erlich

Jared Goldlust

Jay Silber

Leah Silber