Day School


Tuitions Initiatives & Discounts: How Jewish Day Schools

Use Pricing To Increase Enrollment & Affordability

This report is best described as a landscape study of tuition initiatives employed by day schools across North America. During the summer of 2015, we reviewed the websites of hundreds of Jewish day schools to discover how they charge tuition and, just as importantly, how they present these charges. To be clear, in this early stage of research, we did not pursue schools any farther. We did not contact them to inquire about the rationale for their tuition structure or presentation nor did we inquire about theimpact of the initiativeon enrollment or affordability. These, of course, are worthy questions to ask but will be undertaken only in the second phase of this research to be conducted in 2016. During this second phase, we will seek to learn about specific initiatives in greater depth.

Learning From Parents Voices:

How To Turn Positive Perception Into Enrollment Growth

Fifty percent of respondents to the Parent Survey said they would strongly recommend the school to others. With the majority of admission inquiries stemming from word of mouth, these promoters play a vital role in recruiting new students, but more families should be sharing their positive perceptions. Analysis of the survey data reveals that parents are more likely to promote the school if it supports the Jewish development that the parents desire for their child, academically prepares the child for high school or college, and responds to parent concerns about the child or school.


A Guide To Intelligent Giving

This book aims to fuel and inform the increasingly urgent conversation surrounding day school sustainability and affordability with an eye towards finding pragmatic solutions. To do so, the book offers funders. A survey of past, present and possible initiatives that address the challenges of day school sustainability and affordability. A catalyst to the sharing and creating of innovative ideas with other funders, lay leaders and practitioners. A menu of opportunities to leverage investments in the financial sustainability and affordability of Jewish day schools; and Links and citations to other resources, further information and deeper research. Resources and citations are also listed at the end of each chapter.


Growing Jewish Camping From The Youngest Ages: The Development of Day & Residential Camp Pipelines

While Jewish camp leaders expressed that there are significant advantages to both day and residential camps in developing a pipeline between them, we found that in many cases - and as a field - the relationship is being treated ad-hoc, without coherent vision underlying their efforts or a clear strategy to move campers through the pipeline. Through dialogue with camp leaders, we identified six strategies to maximize a partnered camp relationship: having common culture, common summer staff, cross camp programming, cohesive systems and structures, market and recruit together, and pricing strategies.

Jewish Overnight Camps:

A Study Of The Greater Toronto Area Market

This report gives us the first clear understanding of how to communicate effectively with Toronto area Jewish families about the value and benefits of attending Jewish overnight camp. This study engaged more than 1,800 parents through qualitative consumer interviews in the Toronto area, and then through an online survey. Parents described the decision-making that contributes to their choice of summer plans for their children; this information was invaluable.


Community Demographics

bacsic demographis.jpg

Basic Demographics & Jewish Populations In Geographic Areas

Part 1 - Basic Demographics: Examines the make up of the Toronto Jewish community as a whole in relation to gender and age breakdowns, and comparisons with other ethnic groups and religious affiliations.

Part 2 - Jewish Populations In Geographic Areas: Explores the Toronto Jewish community by geographic location, highlighting the distribution, density, and age, ethnic and religious breakdowns of the Jewish population by location within the GTA.


The Jewish Population of York Region

Part 7 - The Jewish Population of York Region: Presents never before consolidated data that examines the growing Jewish community of the York region of Toronto.

Jewish Seniors & The Jewish Poor


Part 3 - Jewish Seniors: Overviews the social and demographic facets of the Jewish Senior population in the Greater Toronto area. Report discusses the geographic distribution, living arrangements, marital status, disability, and languages spoken of this population.

Part 4 - The Jewish Poor: Discusses the demographics of and the specific factors affecting those Toronto Jews living in poverty.



Fertility Rates of  Toronto's Jewish Community

Part 8 - Fertility Rates of Toronto's Jewish Community: Examines different aspects of the fertility rate of Greater Toronto's Jewish population.

The Jewish Family & Intermarriage


Part 5 - The Jewish Family: Highlights major trends in contemporary Jewish family life in Toronto.

Part 6 - Intermarriage: Sheds light on intermarriage amongst Toronto Jews including who intermarries. characteristics of intermarried households, and affiliations of children in intermarried families