Beth Sholom Hebrew School

1445 Eglinton Avenue W
Toronto, ON M6C 2E6

Karen Goodis
P: 416.783.6103 ext: 225

Childhood education and preparing for becoming bar or bat mitzvah is a beginning, teaching our children who they are and where they come from. But when we stop there, we limit ourselves to a childish understanding of our teachings, our rich tradition and of who we can be.

Only as adults can we appreciate the deeper messages and meaning of the Torah, create a mature view of Judaism, develop context for our decisions and choices, and thus find comfort and connection with ourselves, each other and with God.

Wherever we are is the place from which we take the next step. Regardless of how young or old we are, regardless of how much we know or don't yet know, we can journey together to the heart of the Jewish tradition. 



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