The Centre for Jewish Living and Learning @ Temple Emanu-El

120 Old Colony Road
Toronto, ON M2L 2K2

Jenn Katz
P: 416.449.3872

The Centre for Jewish Living & Learning

“For the LOVE of LEARNING!”

• Jewish learning energizes Jewish living.
• Jewish learning happens best in the context of community.
• Jewish learning should support and challenge learners to become
  accomplished progressive Jews.


Our Religious School Program offers Progressive, Liberal Jewish Learning for Life-Long Commitment
Sundays @ The CJLL 5775 (2014-15)           

We offer a dynamic curriculum based on multi-sensory programming with a special emphasis on learning through creative expression and the arts.

Small classes enable us to focus on individual development and self-expression as well as core Hebrew language skills and cultural and religious knowledge.

Our staff is supported in best practice classroom techniques and innovative teaching methods through ongoing professional development.

We are an inclusive learning community. The Centre for Jewish Living and Learning welcomes students with a range of learning challenges into our community, tailoring schedules and curriculum to support their educational, social, and sensory needs.  We understand the importance of working closely with family and support professionals to design appropriate and attainable educational goals. We are committed to providing a rich and meaningful Jewish learning experience for all our students.

Our educational program is designed to connect:
to congregational life through integrated services, holiday programming, and special events
to families through multigenerational learning opportunities and family-oriented special programming throughout the year
to the community through ongoing social action and participation in community-wide events
to Israel through curriculum, cultural programming, special guests and events, and social action

Our mission is to prepare our students to become informed and engaged Jewish adults.

We offer a comprehensive program of learning, leadership, and peer activities from preschool to high school!
• Our Small Fry Series provides regular opportunities for our youngest members (up to age 7) and their families to enjoy age-appropriate Jewish communal learning and celebration.
• Our Foundations program engages learners (JK through Grade 6) in the fundamentals of language, religion, and culture.
• Our Mitkadem Hebrew language program and arts-based Chugim (electives) offer students from Grades 2 to 5 individualized programming choices along with enriched core curriculum.

• Our “Give Torah a Chants” program offers our grade 6 students a unique way of continuing to improve upon their Hebrew skills while providing them with an introduction to the trop (ritual tunes) used in the reading of the torah and haftorah.
• Our bar/bat mitzvah preparation program, for grade 7 students, emphasizes peer support, collective learning, individualized coaching, and a valuable sense of social responsibility.
• Our integrated mentoring/classroom assistant/tutor program gives older students opportunities to develop important leadership skills
while forging bonds within our congregational community.
• Our Teen Engagement Program[e1] , for grades 8 through 12, a partner in “CHAI SCHOOL” provides teens and their friends with engaging Jewish learning and social experiences, including courses for high school credit and driver certification.
• A full program of educational and social events supports continued participation in the life of our school, our congregation, and our community throughout the teen years.




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