Why tAssist?

The tAssist program is designed to help families cope with the rising cost of tuition for Jewish education by reducing the tuition fees charged for eligible families


If you are looking to enroll your child into the Jewish Day School System, or you already have one enrolled in a Jewish Day School, you may be eligible to receive tuition assistance from the UJA and the school. 

What is tAssist?

tAssist is a subsidy program aimed to reduce the cost of tuition for families that have children enrolled into the Jewish Day School system. The subsidy is given directly by the school to eligible families. Families will receive a subsidy that would be put forward to cover part of the cost for tuition. The remaining balance of the tuition can be paid through a preferred method of payment.

Likelihood of Receiving Tuition Assistance 

*These are estimates only and assume average family expenses and assets.

*Gross Family Earned Income refers to income earned from employment or business. Passively earned income such as investments or trust income will change these estimates.

How do I apply for tAssist?

To inquire about Tuition Assistance Please contact one of the participating schools directly: 

Ossy Goldenberg | Enrollment Manager
ogoldenberg@ahschools.com | 416.494.7666 x300
Karen Green | Registrar
kgreen@bialik.ca​ | 416.783.3346 x207
Elias Levy | Executive Director
levye@eitzchaim.com​ | 416.225.1187, ext. 330
Mashie Feintuch | Director of Admissions
mfeintuch@netivot.com | 905.771.1234 x234
Sheri Rapp | Admissions
sheri@djds.ca | 416.928.3537 x136
Nava Blankenstein | Director of Finance
nblankenstein@rhacademy.ca | 416.224.8737 x124
Inna Krukovsky | Financial Administrator
inna.krukovsky@jdohss.org | 905.669.7653 x264
Janice Prazoff | Director of Admission
jprazoff@leobaeck.ca | 416.787.9899 x224
Mark Abramsohn | Director of Business Operations
jadmin@torontoheschel.org | 416.635.1876 x225