This pilot program for the 2017-18 school year, will allow us to test, explore, and learn how we can better increase access to Jewish day school education.


Why tCap?

We know that providing your children with Jewish education is important. We also know that the rising cost of tuition may be a barrier that is preventing you from sending your children to a Jewish day school. If your family is planning on enrolling more than 1 child into the Jewish Day School system and is concerned about the rising cost of tuition then the tCAP program was designed for you.  

The tCap program is an extension of the UJA’s tAssist program.  It is a part of the UJA's and the Julia & Henry Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education (CJE) strategic plan to make Jewish Day Schools more affordable and sustainable for middle income families.  tCap provides assurance that day schools will remain affordable when and if a family will have multiple children in the Jewish day school system. 

Examples of the benefits of tCap

tCap Partner Schools

tCap is currently offered at Leo Baeck North Campus. The tCap program relies on a delicate balance of the following  factors to determine eligibility of a participating school:


  1. The number of students currently enrolled in the school
  2. The number of students expected to enroll in the school in the coming year.
  3. The number of students currently outside the day school system that can be recruited to the school.
  4. The expected amount of tuition reductions.
  5. Classrooms capacity.

After building this delicate financial model, the numbers indicated that the tCAP program can be offered at the Leo Baeck North Campus for families whose oldest child is entering JK through Grade 1. 

tCap is currently only offered at Leo Baeck. Please click below for more details: 

Now offered at:

Tuition Cap at Leo Baeck